Studio Rentals

Film/Photo Studio Rental Prices


 $80 PER HOUR Monday-Friday (8:30 am- 5:00 pm)

$90 PER HOUR  Monday-Friday (after 5 pm), Weekends, & Holidays

2 hour minimum

 Professional photo and film studios with meeting space, green and white cyclonic infinity wall.

  Support staff available. Safe area with private key code entrance.   

What Is Included?

  • Green/White Cyclonic Infinity Wall
  • Custom professional designed bar lighting system
  • Specialized acoustical treatments for sound reduction and eliminate sound bounce echoes
  • Professional make-up area w/vanity mirrors 
  • Private Dressing area with Full Length Mirror
  • Two break out conference areas with 4K TV   
  • Complimentary snacks and drinks    
  • Green Room w/ 2-way communication and 4K TV 
  • Gaffers tape & Apple Boxes
  • Break room area with refrigerator
  • Limited choice of props

  • Three private bathrooms
  • Free WiFi
  • Free ample parking
  • AC/Heating  
  • Three waiting areas 
  • Wheelchair accessible
  •  Coffee maker and microwave 

 OPTIONS: Technical assistant, editing, teleprompter, cameras, professional support, classes, training and more for an additional fee.   

Affordable State-of-the-Art Studio Rentals