Affordable State-of-the-Art Studio Rentals

Studio Rentals

Film/Photography Studio Rental


 $80 PER HOUR Monday-Friday (8:30 am- 5:00 pm)

$90 PER HOUR  Monday-Friday (after 5 pm), Weekends, & Holidays

2 hour minimum

 Professional photo and film studios with meeting space, green and white cyclonic infinity wall.

OPTIONS: Technical assistant, editing, teleprompter, cameras, professional support, classes, training and more for an additional fee.  

In-Studio Meeting Rental


$45 PER HOUR Monday-Friday (8:30 am- 5:00 pm)

$55 PER HOUR  Monday-Friday (after 5 pm), Weekends, & Holidays

Meeting space inside film studio. This area includes a conference table, comfortable high back chairs, 4K television, projector and screen.  

Support staff available. Safe area with private key code entrance. 

10 People or less and NO KIDS

Why Rent Our Studio?

  • Green/White Cyclonic Infinity Wall
  • Custom professional designed bar lighting system
  • Specialized acoustical treatments for sound reduction and eliminate sound bounce echoes
  • Several photo backgrounds/backdrops
  •  Two break out conference areas with 4K TV  

  •  Professional make-up area w/vanity mirrors 
  • Private Dressing area with Full Length Mirror
  • Three private bathrooms
  • Viewing area Green Room w/ two-way communication and 4K TV 
  •  Complimentary snacks and drinks 
  •  Coffee maker and microwave 

  • WiFi access
  •  AC/Heating  
  •  Three waiting areas 
  •  Gaffers tape 
  • Free ample parking
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Break room area with refrigerator
  • Beverage refrigerator next to studio
  • Apple boxes
  • Limited choice of props