Film Production Reel

What We Create

In- Studio

We can produce videos on our green screen, static wall, or just simply our white cyclonic wall. We have something for all your needs. 


Want to film at a park, your business, or at an event instead of in-studio? We will shoot at almost any location!

City Minutes

Need us to produce a minute video to advertise an event, product, or your business? We can help by producing then advertising your video to your direct target market at a low cost. 

Political Campaigns

Running a Political Campaign and don't know how to reach your target voters? We can help! PDM Film Studios will help put your name out there and make sure that you are recognized by voters. 


PDM Film Studios can help you with all your commercial needs. We can help your vision come to life!

Community Spotlights

Whether you have an important message or want to highlight someone from the community, we can produce a video that will reach the people in your community and make sure your message is heard!