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El Ranchero Restaurant located in Claremont, California. is home to the $1.99 margaritas. This restaurant film commercial advertisement reached 174,000 people with 83,000 video views.

PDM Social Media Advertising Statistical Results Report



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City Of Montclair, California Councilman John Dutrey city construction announcement reached 27.000 w/nearly 11,000 film views.

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If you are hosting an event and need people to show up, we can deliver your message to thousands of potential customers on their phones.

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Use social media advertising to promote fundraising, leaders, individuals, businesses, organizations, education, events and politicians.

Music Spotlight Interview - Reached 87,000

Reached more than 87,000 people w/more than 27,000 views and 3,000 comments.

Political Initiative - Reached Nearly 60,000

Vote NO on Measure H social media advertising was critical to win 84% of the vote to stop building houses in excess of the Chino General Plan. This July 2017 studio film advertisement reached nearly 60,000 w/34,000 views.


Multi City Organic Promotion - Reached Over 27,000

Check out this great promotional film with County Supervisor Curt Hagman promoting the Ontario Airport.