About Us


Specializing in working with non-profits, small businesses, organizations on a budget and politiicians,  Proud Digital Media (PDM) is an affordable Pomona, Ca. video production company with a local, state and national social media marketing network.

Starting in Pomona in late 2015, University Marketing Professor, Dr. Gary Lawson, started Pomona Proud, photography/video studios and a city-centered integrated digital social media marketing network.       

In less than a year, Pomona Proud included 7 social media platforms that reached 60,000+ area residents on their phones, computers and mobile devices.     


Dr. Gary Lawson used Pomona Proud as a template to start digital social media networks covering every city, every state and Puerto Rico.

With the nationwide expansion, on September 1, 2017, Pomona Proud became Proud Digital Media. Now, every social media network nationwide is growing exponentially. 

Working with limited budgets, Proud Digital Media is a low-cost, high quality video production company with optional video social media promotion services.


Work Toll Free: 844-907-7683

Cell Phone: 909 573-7565