About Proud Digital Media


Proud Digital Media Accentuates The Positive, Promotes Local Businesses, And Encourages Community Pride.

Proud Digital Media is a Digital Media Network for local communities.

By using, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our CityProud Pages, we promote all positive local news, businesses, events and city information to increase resident pride, involvement and community awareness, as well as providing advertisement opportunities for local businesses, supporting the term/phrase “Shop Local”.

Increase in Local Business0%
Increase in Community Involvment0%
Increase in Community Information0%
Increase in Local Event Turnout0%
Increase in Community Outreach0%
Increase in City Statisfaction0%
Increase in City Pride0%

Be Proud

Proud Digital Media has come a long way since it was created in May of 2015.

  • 01 START

    Proud Digital Media creates Pomona Proud, a digital media network which brings people of Pomona together.

  • 02 MOBILE

    Pomona Proud brings community pride to mobile phones with a fully responsive website that thrives on smart devices everywhere.

  • 03 GROWTH

    Proud Digital Media jumps ahead to 10 different cities including Chino, La Verne, and more.


    Proud Digital Media creates online marketing plan which allows local businesses to thrive by targeting the people in their cities for much cheaper than other platforms.

  • 05 VIRAL

    Proud Digital Media is recognized California wide and now has platforms in over 35 cities with no signs of slowing down.

Our large list of communities brings advertisers directly to their customers.